Best Beach Tents

Best Beach Tents

If you are lucky and live close to a beach that you regularly visit or indeed have a vacation by the beach planned any time soon, then about now would be a good time to start researching the best beach tents for you and the family. They provide ideal protection from the wind and the sun as let’s face it, weather can at best be temperamental.

A good quality beach tent protects you from the harsh UV rays, gives you enough privacy, and provides you with space for storing other beach must-haves like SUP boards, beach towels, and beach chairs.

To help you have a fun and successful summer, We test everything from sunscreens to coolers for a seamless beach trip. We found the best beach tents that scored high reviewer ratings, come from top-performing brands, or are most searched online.

What to look for in the beach tents?

While shopping, consider the following features to find the right beach canopy, shelter, or tent for you:

  • UPF protection: Sun safety is always important. Most tents provide UPF protection of 50 or higher, but it’s always a good idea to double check.
  • Sandbags or stakes: For a beach tent that stands against the heaviest wind conditions, look for tents that include durable stakes or sandbags you can fill on your own.
  • Portability: Some beach tents can weigh up to about nine pounds. Look for lightweight tents that come with a storage bag with a handle for easier carrying.
  • Size: Pay attention to the dimensions of each tent, especially if you plan on using it for a group of people, pets, or kids.

5 Best Beach Tents in 2021:

1. Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze is a fabulous pop up waterproof tent in a lovely bright sky blue fabric that makes the perfect all-rounder. It’s not only light-weight and therefore easy to carry but there’s plenty of room inside to accommodate up to three people.

Featuring a fibreglass game on an Easy Up Hub system, it couldn’t be simpler to erect either. It has a rather ingenious drawstring mechanism that literally allows one person to set it up in under a minute.

How brilliant is that? With its exceptional UPF 50+ protection, it’s great for those delicate being amongst you who currently resemble a milk bottle perhaps! Perfect for providing some much needed shade on a blazing hot day and equally as handy for wind proofing your spot at the beach. A fabulous little tent that you and the family get hours of ocean side enjoyment out of.

  • Speedy assembly
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Versatile and portable
  • Ample ventilation
  • Slightly more difficult to pack away than to assemble

2. Sport-Brella Portable

Sport-Brella Portable

Catchy name aside, this beach tent cum beach umbrella is one of the most versatile and durable gear you can take on your next trip to the beach. So many users have bought and loved using this product. It comes with a UPF 50+ rating, which means that it will keep you safe from UV rays. In fact, it reportedly offers protection from over 99.5% of UVA and UVB rays.

As it is very versatile, it delivers not just protection, but also comfort.

Take as an example: the design. It is an 8-foot canopy cover that is designed like an umbrella. It has a pair of sides that are driven into the ground; giving it more leverage and delivering a tent-like structure. If you are visiting the beach with your family, then you will very likely enjoy using this bad boy.

Despite the design, it offers the user a panoramic view of the surroundings. It comes with several windows that can be lowered to improve visibility, and more importantly, enhance ventilation.

The construction is very solid and built to last. The 210D Polyester material is tough and can survive the outdoors. Setup is relatively straightforward as long as you carefully follow the instructions found in the guide.

  • All round weather and shade protection
  • Rugged and durable
  • UPF protection
  • Light-weight
  • May require extra heavy duty ground stakes to weight down

3. Sunba Pop-up Baby Beach Tent

Sunba Pop-up Baby Beach Tent

We love that this specially-designed beach tent, made with elastic metal material, can pop up in three seconds flat. It may take a little bit of practice, but you can supposedly collapse the tent in three seconds as well.

To open the tent, simply remove it from its case. It should immediately spring open and take shape. A small shake may be needed as you position it.

To collapse the tent, you fold it in half once and then begin folding it again. As you do so, the flexible frame will curl into a ring formation you can easily stack into a circle, which then fits into the circle-shaped carrying bag.

If you are a mama who wants to embrace the “beach bum” lifestyle this summer, this pop-up tent may be a great option for you. Setting up a more complicated tent on a regular basis will get old fast! Plus, you do not want to waste time you could be spending with your family.

This tent has a number of other positive features. It has a UPF of 50+ and is made of a breathable, water-repellent polyester. Mesh windows provide ventilation and the floor mat extends, which will allow older children and adults to stay close to the tent more comfortably.

  • Opens quickly and easily
  • UPF 50+ with ventilation
  • Extended floor panel for your comfort
  • It may take some practice to learn how to collapse it properly

4. Coleman Beach Shade Shelter

Coleman Beach Shade Shelter

The Coleman brand is a recognized brand in the world of outdoor products, and this product from the manufacturer is one of the best it has produced so far.

It comes with several high-quality, durable materials that will last for a long time as they protect you from the sun, wind, and sprays of the ocean. One of the materials used in making the beach tent is fiberglass. The fiberglass frame is made to last and can take abuse without damage.

Set up is very easy, and in our testing, we discovered that you can set it up in an average of just 5 minutes. One nice extra feature found in this model is the inclusion of a dry line. Therefore, after spending some time swimming, you can spread out your soaked gear, dry it and not get it riddled with sand! Although it isn’t a particularly heavy beach tent, the pockets can be filled with sand or other materials to weigh it down.

It is an excellent model that comes in different colors; making it one of the most versatile options on the market. As a large size tent, it might get hot at times, but you can improve ventilation by unzipping the back window.

Although it takes just 5 minutes to set it up, it can become cumbersome when you have to spend so much time setting it up every time.

  • Great sun protection for an affordable price
  • Lightweight materials allow for easy carrying
  • The size allows a single baby to grow into it for years to come
  • Lightweight material may not be suitable for rugged weather conditions

5. WolfWise Beach Tent

WolfWise Beach Tent

If you are looking for a lightweight beach tent in the budget section, then the WolfWise portable beach shelter would be the perfect fit for you. What’s more, is that this particular model features an incredibly effortless and quick setup process. That’s because the last thing you want is spending hours setting up your tent while your friends are having fun at the beach.

All your carrying problems disappear when you buy the WolfWise beach tent. That’s because it comes with a comfortable carrying tote, which makes the carrying process a breeze. Moreover, the beach tent allows plenty of air to go in and out of the shelter. This ensures the tent gets a fair amount of ventilation. It’s perfectly suitable for couples.

On the whole, the WolfWise beach tent is one of a kind shelter. It’s very lightweight, and it features a quick setup process. Moreover, proper ventilation is a priority here. It’s definitely worth the pick.

  • Fast assembly
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Versatile and portable
  • Ample ventilation
  • Make sure you firmly secure in windy weather

Beach Tents Benefits

First thing’s first. Why would you want a beach tent? Here are some of the benefits of owning one.

  • Cool off on hot days: The beach might be fun, but it can get hot when you’re not in the water. Sitting in the shade of a beach tent will cool you down.
  • Protect against sunburn: If you’re worried about sunburn or skin damage, a beach tent can be the answer. You might like the sun, but it’s no secret by now that it’s bad for your skin.
  • Change your clothes: You can use your beach tent as a changing room. Some beach tents can be zipped up at the front, providing you with your own personal space – perfect for a day at the beach.
  • Stay dry in the rain: Some beach tents provide protection from rain. If you like visiting the beach in wetter seasons, or you simply experience some unseasonal weather while on holiday, a waterproof beach tent can keep you dry.
  • Provides place for kids: Ideally, children should have some shade at the beach. Young skin is more delicate, and sun damage early on in life could cause problems down the line, not to mention the immediate discomfort of sunburn.

What Size Beach Tents Do You Need?

Beach canopies comes in a variety of heights, widths and depths. If you are looking for a nice comfy place to set up two beach chairs or lay out your towels or beach blankets, you probably don’t need a super tall canopy.

If you have plans for multiple people in the canopy at the same time, a wider canopy is probably a good choice. Seeing what is on the market and considering your beach going situation will help you decide.